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Focus Groups

Some questions require a direct understanding of listeners' perceptions and beliefs. Focus groups can be a rich source of attitudinal information, uncovering the qualities that listeners associate with your station, program or organization.

The key to successfully determining relevant and accurate information is understanding YOUR needs and an ability to elicit candid, meaningful responses from your listeners, Combining an inside knowledge of the dynamics of radio listening with group facilitation skills and training, we can explore the subtle behavioral and emotional factors that guide your audiences radio listening, giving habits and personal relationship with your station or programs.

Throughout the entire process - interview design, recruiting, location, analysis and presentation of results -

Beyond The Report

... but it doesn't have to stop there. Often, a report is made and it's up to you to figure out how to implement the findings. With extensive experience in programming, fundraising and organizational issues we can take it the next step. We'll work with you and/or appropriate staff to set goals based on the research findings and help guide the implementation.

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