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Arthur Cohen

has over 35 years of management experience, with nearly 25 in public radio as an executive, General Manager and Program Director. He has worked in both non-profit and commercial ventures, in a wide range of organizational settings. He has had highly varied career at a wide variety of stations ranging from the smallest to the largest; in community, university and joint licensees; news, classical, jazz and variety formats; rural and urban. From this he has developed a unique perspective from which to develop analyses, advise and services for specific departments or the whole station.

Arthur holds a Masters degree in Experimental Social Psychology and was trained in radio equipment in the US Air force. He was formerly the President of the Radio Research Consortium, a Vice President at WETA, Washington and WNYC, New York. He served in senior management positions at Minnesota Public Radio, and Northwest Public Radio, and was General Manager at community radio stations KRBD, Ketchikan, Alaska and KVMR, Nevada City, CA.

He is an Arbitron registered consultant and has extensive knowledge of the Meyers-Briggs, the Covey 7-Habits, as well as public radio research tools such as ARA's Audigraphics and software from the Radio Research Consortium.

Throughout his career, Arthur has been involved with local, national and regional affairs. He was a board member of the Public Radio Program Directors (PRPD), the Major Market Partnership, Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio (AMPPR) and the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB). He has made presentations at Public Radio Conference, and those of PRPD, DEI, AMPPR and NFCB. And he has served on committees and panels for NPR, PTFP, CPB and the Alaska Public Radio Commission. He has also been a member of every public radio Regional organization.

His work has been recognized with the NAB Crystal Award, ASCAP Deems-Taylor Award, PRPD Flo Award, and AAUW (Washington DC) Mass Media Award.

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