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    Why "Whole Station"?

Public radio stations/media entities, no matter what size, are relatively lean operations. Problems and opportunities move around over time and activity in any one area has repercussions throughout. Whether a project resides fully in one department or functionally crosses many, teamwork throughout the organization allows you to act without undue delay. For example, while you may be interested in audience data analysis for programming purposes, the results have deep implications for fundraising and administration. By undertaking all projects with the whole station in mind, you can prevent unintended consequences from eating up valuable time and resources.

With the experience to understand the implications of any project, research analysis, or change on your whole station, we can communicate effectively with people in all areas of a station operation. And by understanding the particular perspective of staff in all areas - administration, development, programming, engineering, marketing, etc. - we can communicate information in ways they can understand and embrace. This assures that everyone clearly sees the task at hand while understanding it’s many implications and practical requirements.

The result is a staff that understands the information you already have and is able to apply strategies as a cohesive whole.

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