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Applied Audience Research

You already have a treasure trove of information at your station, but are you really mining it for all it can tell you? Even with the best of skills, the day-to-day demands of management can keep you from truly getting the full story from the audience data you have.

Each station has its own particular goals and operates in a unique environment, both market and internal. Working with you and your staff, we define the most relevant breakdowns to create analysis that have meaning within you needs. Focusing on trends and averages helps make sense of sometimes random-seeming fluctuations in audience. Extensive experience in executive and program management allows us to develop meaningful analyses - preesented in easily understandable form - and apply them to your programming, fundraising, marketing or internal institutional needs.

The Virtual Research Department provides CUSTOMIZED analysis, based on your own programs, market dynamics and station goals. An initial comprehensive analysis of your station’s programming includes audience trends, demographics, program breakdowns - all in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. For example:

Quarterly updates are then provided, following the identified trends, noting new developments, opportunities and potential challenges. This ongoing attention to details can provide great new "stories"to tell to your funders, members, board, etc. while acting as an early warning for developing trends. In-depth examination can often provide quick insights into trends before they become a problem.   

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